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Jennifer Lopez Talks About New Latino Channel NUVOtv [Video]

In a new interview released on  NUVOtv’s  Youtube channel, Jennifer Lopez, who acts as the channel’s creative director, spoke of the new programming designed specifically for Latino audiences in the United States. She hopes that the channel will help inspire Latinos by highlighting examples of succesful members of the community.

« The [new] programming will kick off with my biography, which is titled ‘Jennifer Lopez: Her Life. Her Journey.’ This will be the first episode of a series on Latinos. My story begins with my childhood. How I was chasing my dreams and having to make all kinds of decision, intertwined with my relationships, my family and romances, plus all the different things that have led me to where I am today, » Lopez said in the video.

« Also, we are presenting a new series titled ‘A Step Away,’ which is very exciting. The show follows the dancers on my tour, placing them in the spotlight. Dancers are the unsung heroes that make icons and stars pop shine and look incredible. They are amazing performers, one sees all these dancers on stage, and yet we do not know anything about their lives, who they are or what they do during the day. It’s a good series, a very interesting one of course, all of them are tremendous characters. It’s a success, » Lopez added.

« Speaking of characters, we also have a new series called ‘House of Joy,’ in which Rodney Jerkins, who is a multi-award winning music producer, who has worked on many albums over the years, including some of my own, (my first number one album among them) and his beautiful wife, Joy, who is a singer, are at home with their three children. She gave up her singing carreer after they married and she is now ready to take it up again. Obviously this situation has caused a lot of stress, drama and comedy in the family, » Lopez said.

Lopez said the network will also air comedy specials such as Anjelah Johnson’s « Homecoming Show. » « One-on-One » with Mario Lopez, an interview program that will focus on Latinos from all different walks of life, is also one of the most highly anticipated programs on the network.

Lopez highlighted the fact that NUVOtv is the first television network specifically designed for Latinos with programming that will air entirely in English. « I’m excited because we’re developing something very special, » Lopez concluded.


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